Cut the chain

I don’t know who told you you were dumb or stupid. I don’t know know who told you you were worthless and wouldn’t amount to anything. I don’t know who told you you were ugly or fat. I don’t know who told you these things. But I know this. You most certainly are not any... Continue Reading →


Read it again

My family and I attended our church's Good Friday evening service. Though it is Easter, and Easter happens every year, the service is never the same. It's one of the things I appreciate the most about our pastor. He strives diligently to make every year's message powerful, to make it fresh and new. He didn't... Continue Reading →


You smile politely and speak little. Your thoughts remain hidden from those around you. They are oblivious to the quiet turmoil in your head. How are you going to survive? How are you ever going to get through this? The weeping has lasted far longer than a night, and joy has not come. (Psalm 30:5)... Continue Reading →

Be still

When you can't do this anymore. When you just want to quit, give up Be still. Be still. Your Father knows you don’t have the strength. He knows your struggle. He knows the pain that consumes you. Be still. Be still. When your tears have swollen shut your eyes and your heart lies hopeless, Be still.... Continue Reading →

Love and death

God didn’t answer your prayer. It was a big, fat, painful “NO.” And your heart broke. And you wondered why. Why did God allow this? Why? Why? Why? You thought He loved you. How could He? That’s not love, you say. But it is. It is. Because Love gave up His life for you. Love... Continue Reading →

Hard circumstances

When the circumstances don’t change and the hurt doesn’t go away, then what? It feels like more than you can handle. And you’re right. It is more than you can take. But it’s not more than God can handle. God knows you’ve begged and pleaded for Him to remove this hard thing, this situation that... Continue Reading →

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