Chiropractors are quacks

Chiropractors are quacks. At least, that’s the mentality many people in my family (and community) had when I was growing up.

But not me.

I began seeing a chiropractor when I was 20 years old. I was a cosmetologist, and every waking moment was spent on my feet. Soon, it became apparent that I needed some sort of treatment for my back issues. As a child, I had suffered a broken leg which resulted in a short left leg. That, in turn, resulted in scoliosis. By the time I hit twenty, the effects of uncorrected imbalance began to show.

Fast forward another twenty years and the effects had doubled. Just months after our son died, an emergency CT scan showed a herniated disk in my lower back. I also suffered from TMJ, migraine headaches, vertigo, anemia, kidney stones, and bursitis of the right hip and shoulder.

I was in a mid-life crisis, alright.

While I consistently utilized traditional chiropractic care and physical therapy and managed to avoid surgery, I still felt like a 98 year old woman in a 40-something year old body. But chiropractic gave me temporary relief, so I continued with it. Satisfied with my chiropractor, I was therefore taken completely by surprise when she left without notice at the end of December, 2015. I tried two other associates in the same center, but wasn’t getting relief.

It was April when I heard about NUCCA.

A friend on Facebook had asked for prayer for her husband’s back issues and another friend of hers left this comment: “… I suffered with a herniated disk for a long time (c-6 and c-7) and eventually found a chiropractor with a very unique method that literally transformed me (too much to tell here). Let me know if you are interested to know more.”

Of course, I messaged him.

I brought up the NUCCA website and read the pertinent information. Then I searched Youtube for NUCCA correction videos. It looked crazy. I wondered if perhaps the mentality that “Chiropractors are quacks” was true after all. But this friend of a friend gave me what I was desperate for: HOPE.

And nothing speaks louder than pain, except hope.

The clinic nearest me offered a free consultation, so I set one up. The NUCCA technique made sense to me, and I had nothing to lose, so I agreed to go ahead with treatment. I’ll be honest with you: it’s not cheap and they don’t take insurance. But seeing as Obamacare pretty much covers nothing for us anymore, anyway, it isn’t much difference to our pocketbook.

But I digress. Back to the Nutella®. I mean NUCCA. (Both are amazing!)

Two appointments, x-rays, and a myriad of measurements later, I had my first NUCCA adjustment. I drove an hour and a half to the appointment with my sciatic nerve screaming, my neck and shoulders in their typical vise-grip posture, and my hip bursitis aching. I drove home almost unaware of my sciatica and my neck and shoulders feeling like I had had an hour long massage.

That night I slept the entire night for the first time in four and a half years. I woke with absolutely no back pain, and my bursitis was a faint memory. I believe shock is the correct word to use here.

Amazingly, at my two week appointment I had kept my alignment. No adjustment needed. But then my back began to hurt again and my bursitis and sciatic nerve pain indicated I was in need of another adjustment. I got adjusted and, again, miracle of miracles, the pain disappeared.

I am sleeping better, have no back pain, and my neck and shoulders, where I normally carry all my stress, feel unbelievably relaxed. My hip and shoulder bursitis are dramatically improved, as well. My NUCCA doctor ( has set up a care plan for me, and I am confidently investing my money on the best thing for me: healing.

To some, NUCCA may look and sound like a quacking duck, but I’m here to tell you it’s a goose with a golden egg.


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