Got vacation?

  Several weeks ago my husband and I took our first vacation, sans children, in 23 years. Yeah. It was a big deal. We flew to Florida to surprise our Brazilian-exchange-student-turned-son for his 21st birthday. We managed to pull off the surprise and loved every second of seeing the shock on his face. He knows... Continue Reading →


Fighting back

I woke up this morning just knowing that it was going to be a "struggle" day. You know what I'm talking about, right? Before you've opened your eyes you've already let out a sigh. Though I wanted to roll over and sink back into the blessed abyss of sleep, I was already waking later than... Continue Reading →


(Photo credit Abby Cherney) I have one daughter who is a photographer and another who is a baker. I admit I am spoiled. My kitchen is never clean, but it's a small price to pay for some of that yummy goodness pictured above. (It's Chocolate Lava Cake, btw, made and photographed by one said daughter.) I've been... Continue Reading →

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