That’s not love

I'm finishing up part four of a Bible study on the book of Romans. Yep, part four, Precept style. We've been studying Romans for two years. Two years of richness, of depth, of satiation in God's word. And this is the second time I've studied Romans. It's been incredible, of course. God's Word never fails... Continue Reading →



10 years ago today was my due date with baby #6. All 9lbs., 3oz. of him were born after just 4 hours and 39 minutes of labor. While everybody thinks a fast labor is awesome, I disagree. The short labors I've experienced are what I call "fast and furious." I really preferred the "long and... Continue Reading →

Hard seasons

Winter in Minnesota this year has been a bit, shall we say, confusing. March 6th, we had 69 degrees, rain, thunderstorms, and a tornado warning. March 7th, we are in the 30's with snow forecast later in the week. Friends, does your spiritual life look a bit like the weather? Are you confident one minute... Continue Reading →

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