Is the cross a barricade?

My daughter was reading the book, “But Don’t All Religions Lead to God?” in the van while we ventured out for a day of shopping the other day. She read aloud as I drove, and a paragraph from p. 57 (chapter 7) about the cross struck me with wonder.

The author writes that those who reject Christ “will have to push past the cross of Jesus Christ, which He has erected as a powerful barrier to stop people from going to hell.” I had never thought of the cross as a barrier before. The Bible tells tells us that God desires that no one should perish (2 Pet. 3:9), but there are those who refuse to look to Jesus Christ for salvation. They have been blinded by satan, deceived. They see the cross as the enemy, a killjoy to their life of pleasure and self-sufficiency. They don’t see their need for saving, and they certainly don’t want to change the way they’re living; to glorify God in all that they do, say, and think. They see the cross as restrictive, offensive. Worse yet, some believe they are already saved. They think Love excuses sin, allows loopholes because, after all, that’s Love. Finally, they have swallowed the lie that this life is all there is. They have no hope or realization of eternity, whether in heaven or hell.

To this I say be careful. Just as a road barricade is put in place to safeguard against impending danger, the cross is raised before each of us to guard our lives. The cross compels us to consider our path. It begs us to examine our way, to inspect it’s claims. The cross makes incredulous statements about our life here on earth. Have you stepped up close to it, felt the rugged wood on which Christ was crucified for you? Will you stop before it, trusting that it is there to save your life instead of rushing past it, refusing to look up, believing that somehow the road ahead isn’t washed out, that it doesn’t lead to eternal death? Friend, take caution. Please don’t run past the barricade. Let it save you.


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