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Oh, satan. You sure are having a heyday, aren’t you? I’m sure you’re all full of glee as you watch and see this country divide. You’re quite good at that, we know. Division, disunity, disagreement. They’re what you specialize in. That, and lies, of course. It’s quite easy for you, actually. Social media pretty much does it all for you, doesn’t it? I’m sure it’s been quite fun watching relationships implode via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Well guess what? God sees all. After all, His name is El Roi; the God who sees. But there’s something you forgot. You forget that unity, prayer, and the love of Jesus Christ transcends your agenda. You forget that God specializes in reconciliation. You forget that the only power you have is granted to you by El Elyon, God Most High. We see through you, satan. We, the children of God, see through your schemes. We refuse to exalt arguments above the authenticity of Christ. We stand with Jesus against the forces of evil because He stood up for us, the ones who recognized their need of a Savior. You were cast down. He was lifted up. You are the father of lies. He is the Truth, the way, and the life. You lead astray. He leads the Way. You glorify the created. He glorifies the Creator.

Satan masterminds division. His method of operation is distraction through faction. How successful his M.O. appears to be! But make no mistake: God is on the throne. He sits above the heavens, no one can fathom His understanding or greatness. (Isaiah 40:28, Psalm 145:3) What if we used social media, not to engage in arguments or the pointing of fingers, but to point to God? What if the answer to discourse was to bow the knee to Jesus, to obey Him and love others as Christ loved us? Friends, let’s not make such an easy target for satan. Let’s stand firm, then, on the finished work of Jesus Christ. May we cause satan to flee and God to be glorified.

Psalm 19



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