Every day

I ran an errand before 7am this morning. It was still dark as I drove to the store, but as I drove home after having finished shopping, day broke. I saw light radiating across the sky, and I thought, “Every day the sun rises. Every day. Every.Day. Every day.” I kept repeating it, trying to wrap the magnitude of that simple thought around my mind. Every day the sun rises. Every day. Even though I don’t see it some days. Even though the darkness hides it, the sun rises. Even though a blanket of clouds may cover the sky, the sun rises nonetheless.

For some of you, that thought is amazing, exciting, and awe-inspiring. For others, that thought is overwhelming, too much to handle, too much of a burden. The spreading out of a new day feels painful, like the prying open of hands, arthritic fingers unable to straighten. The light of a new day isn’t a welcome sight, but a painful glare causing you to turn your head, eyes clenched shut in protest. A new day? No. Just another day of agony, of pain, of the same horrible situation. Day after day, the same thing. Day after day, no rescue in sight. Day after unending day.

You don’t see the light, dear friend. But it’s there. You wish the sun wouldn’t rise, in fact. How you scoff at the “Pollyanna’s.” If only they walked just one step in your shoes, right? Oh, my friend. DO NOT DESPAIR. I know you are weary. I know how you think hope is a thing of the past. But God has not forsaken you. He has not forgotten you. He has not found you a failure.

You are remembered. You are loved. You are His. The sun rising daily? It is but God reminding you of His faithfulness. Every day. Every.Day. Every day.

He who promised is faithful


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