There’s a book stuck in my head

You know those books or movies that are so powerful they stick with you for months or years? They’re the kind that, when you are in certain situations or conversations, you keep going back to them. They become a filter for much of your life’s daily living. Last year, our church leadership board read the book, “Sticky Teams” by Larry Osborne. It’s one of those books that had a significant impact on me, one whose insights I continue to apply to various areas of my life, both personally and professionally. I almost never highlight in a book. I tend to be a minimalist with possessions and most often give books away when I’ve finished reading them. I rarely re-read a book.

But not this one.

I have highlighted something in almost every chapter of this book. I have re-read much of it. It sits on the headboard of my bed instead of acquiring dust on the bookshelves like many of my others. I refer to it often in conversation.

I also do not “do” New Year’s resolutions. I’m a realist and know that making resolutions basically sets myself up for failure. However, last year I did make one resolution: to read more books. I didn’t set a number on it, but simply determined to read more than I had the year before. (I did it, too!)

I’m making the same resolution for 2018: to read more books. And re-reading books counts, by my rules. 😉  “Sticky Teams” is one of those books I encourage everyone, especially those who belong to a church body, to read. If you have given your life to Jesus Christ, then you have the Holy Spirit within you. And because you have the Holy Spirit in you, you have been given specific gifts, gifts to use within your church body. Using these gifts are what builds unity in the body, grows a healthy and strong church, and glorifies God. It’s what enables your church to be a “Sticky Team.”

PS – If you want to dig deeper regarding spiritual gifts, has an excellent Bible study: Spiritual Gifts: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. You can also read “Discover Your Spiritual Gifts the Network Way” and take the spiritual gifts inventory in the back of the book.

Here’s to good books and more reading in 2018.





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