Choked by grief

Four years ago today was an amazingly joyful day, the day our mom remarried. For my siblings and I, it was an incredible sight. We'd never seen our mother so happy. It's not often we're all together to gather, and this was a day that was beyond joyful. The memories of this day are something... Continue Reading →

Birthing grief

This is the day 26 years ago that I sat on the edge of our tan 1970's style couch with its Frieze upholstery fabric, wondering what labor and delivery was really going to be like, if it was as painful as they say. I was past my due date of April 26th, and my OB... Continue Reading →

Looming grief

His 16th birthday. The last we would ever get with him. No more photos. No more presents. No more watching my boy grow into a man. Time marches on, and this will be TEN birthdays without you, my son. Unbelievable, but true. Your birthday every year now comes with a giant ache, the gaping hole... Continue Reading →

A warning to the grieving

I've met hundreds of bereaved parents on this journey of child loss. It takes less than ten minutes after meeting them to recognize whether healing has happened or is happening. Words of grief spill out during conversation, but it is the words of bitterness and unforgiveness that differentiate and reveal those headed toward the path... Continue Reading →

When scripture hurts

"For He will give His angels orders concerning you, To protect you in all your ways." - Psalm 91:11 It's certain verses like these that pinch my heart, make me question, wonder if God's word is true. Pain, the grief of losing my mom and son, screams at verses like these. Where was their protection? Where... Continue Reading →

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