Running to His arms

Are you hurt today, friend? Have the words someone has spoken to you hurt you? Are you tired? Worn out, exhausted? Had enough? Has life gotten overwhelming? Are you afraid the multitude of plates you’ve been spinning are going to come crashing down on you?

Oh, I’m there with you, friend. Too many sharp words, too little sleep, and an over-filled schedule squeezes the heart and mind. The temptation to bury the barbs of hurtful words is hard to ignore. The commitments of daily life overwhelm, and our patience with others runs thin. My schedule, though filled with all good things, chafes the definition and boundaries of this season of my life. Are you with me?

The burden, whatever it may be, isn’t meant to be “pushed through.” It isn’t meant to be carried alone. As we face the cares and concerns of this life, feeling the weight of heavy things, let’s not fail to do this: run to the right person with the hurt. That right person? It’s Jesus. Run to God. Run to Him with the pain, the burdens, the stuff of life.


He is enough. My heart will sing.


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