The blur of a funeral and a clear hope

10 years ago on Aug. 2nd, I was sitting in our church sanctuary staring at my 16 year old son’s casket. This isn’t a memory any parent should have, yet it’s reality for hundreds of thousands of parents around the world. I don’t recall much of that day. I don’t recall much of anything that... Continue Reading →

Waiting for the other shoe to drop after 10 years

I attended the TCF virtual national conference this past weekend. It was tough. It was uplifting. It was hopeful. It was heartbreaking. There were so many emotions experienced in one weekend. I laughed. I cried. I heard stories of incredible loss and shared my own story of loss in each of the "Sharing Sessions" for... Continue Reading →

Choked by grief

Four years ago today was an amazingly joyful day, the day our mom remarried. For my siblings and I, it was an incredible sight. We'd never seen our mother so happy. It's not often we're all together to gather, and this was a day that was beyond joyful. The memories of this day are something... Continue Reading →

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