A stone stacking 2022

I can't even count how many times I've tried to sit down at the keyboard and write. 2022 was a year of processing. It was a year of grief, a year of change, and a year of hope. If I were to draw pictures of it, it would look like so many things and contain... Continue Reading →

Mom’s birthday…without mom

For five birthdays now my siblings and I have endured our mother's birthday without her. Her sudden, horrific death occurred just seven weeks before her birthday. Her death date in October rolls in like high tide and the water level of grief remains high with her birthday and Thanksgiving just days apart in November. I... Continue Reading →

Walking the talk

Dear Christian, How are you doing in your walk with Jesus? Has your relationship with God been smooth sailing? Has it been rough? Do you claim to trust God, but your actions speak otherwise? What do you do, how do you respond when push comes to shove, when life's circumstances overwhelm? As the saying implies,... Continue Reading →

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