Self Talk and Parenting a Special Needs Child

Parenting a child with special needs. Just saying that renders me speechless. It's new territory for me (us). It's as if someone dropped me off in a foreign country, walked away leaving me alone and said, "Here you go. Speak the language." It's overwhelming. I've never felt more discouraged or inadequate. I've never been more... Continue Reading →

Two Years of Hell

The past two years have been hard. Beyond hard. They’ve been like a “hard as hell” kind of hard. Two years ago our youngest child, a 3rd grader, was diagnosed with learning disabilities. We prayed and prayed and prayed and asked God for wisdom and direction. He led us to public school. We’d been homeschooling... Continue Reading →

Dear Matt,

Dear Matt, Nine years. How have I lived 9 years without you? How is it possible I’m still breathing? The overwhelming weight of grief as July 29th approaches, the day you died, Matt, bears down, crushes my soul in these moments. Your death remains devastating. There is no cure, no fix, for child loss. There... Continue Reading →

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