The Land Between, a sermon. And a confession. "This is too much. I can't carry it anymore." Uffda. These are words that split my heart wide open this morning. This is where I've been, in "The Land Between." I've been wandering in the desert, "The Land Between," these last almost two years as I've sought to help lead our church through... Continue Reading →

Don’t be afraid. Just believe.

This short little verse is referring to Jesus speaking to a father who’s just been told his daughter has died. He sought out Jesus for healing, waited for Him to show up, fell begging at his feet. He made it to Jesus and Jesus began to go along with him. As Jesus and Jairus try... Continue Reading →

The Death Cry

Christian singer Toby Mac dropped a new song on Thursday. It is eerily comforting and all at once heartwrenching and sad. It is a song born of grief after the sudden loss of his 21 year old son Truett, the oldest of their five children, just two months ago, November 2019. I have had it... Continue Reading →

My decade in review

God was faithful. God remains faithful. As we step into 2020 today, January 1st, the reality of the mundane tasks of life in a new year, like letting the dogs out to go potty, struck me. Just mere hours earlier, millions of inhabitants of planet earth looked with joyful anticipation, expectation, and hope toward a... Continue Reading →

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