Link sharing: Let Your Waiting Say, ‘I Trust You’

If grief teaches you nothing else, it will teach you about patience. The ache of missing my mom (and my son), pools just below the surface of my heart each day. This morning I came across a Desiring God article that spoke to the tender, hurting places in me. I'm sharing it here on my... Continue Reading →


I look at her picture and disbelief stares back at me. 

I look at her picture and disbelief stares back at me.   Shock wears off slowly with a sudden death, moving imperceptibly like an iceberg. It's been eight months now. Though I attended my mother's funeral and saw the shell of her body in the casket, I can't yet comprehend she's gone, that I will... Continue Reading →

A graduate and grief

I'm a firm believer that when life overwhelms, you seek help. #ThankYouMom Life is overwhelming right now. The tsunami of grief once again rushing in. Today, my daughter graduates college. My heart bursts with pride. But grief, like drops of black food coloring squeezed into the batter of yummy, sweet goodness, tinges everything. Everything. It... Continue Reading →

Common responses to grief "What have you stopped doing in the midst of your grief?" Honestly? I have stopped socially interacting with people. I have no energy or desire to chit-chat. Building new friendships? I'd like to, but the reality is that it takes time, vulnerability, and effort, all of which I don't have or want to risk expending.... Continue Reading →

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