Common responses to grief "What have you stopped doing in the midst of your grief?" Honestly? I have stopped socially interacting with people. I have no energy or desire to chit-chat. Building new friendships? I'd like to, but the reality is that it takes time, vulnerability, and effort, all of which I don't have or want to risk expending.... Continue Reading →


A pregnant kind of grief

Five months. I don't know how to put words to this grief. I don't know how to describe a pain that is indescribable. Like a pregnant woman who counts the days, weeks, and months of pregnancy, the bereaved, I, count the same. Only the days, weeks, and months I count are a painful tearing away... Continue Reading →

The calendar of grief

I knew it yesterday. I knew it the week before. It was coming, this anniversary, this mark of dread, this day. This is the day my life fell apart, once again. My world shaken, broken, scattered into a million-gazillion pieces. The disbelief and shock remain. They haven’t lessened. In fact, my mom’s absence seems more... Continue Reading →

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